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Edward Burtynsky
Manufactured Landscapes

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Feature Documentary



90 minutes

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Directed by Jennifer Baichwal
Produced by Nick de Pencier, Daniel Iron + Jennifer Baichwal
Director of Photography and Creative Consultant Peter Mettler
Editor Roland Schlimme
Commissioning Editor, TVO Rudy Buttignol
Producers for The National Film Board of Canada Peter Starr + Gerry Flahive
Archival footage directed by Jeff Powis used courtesy of Restless Pictures
Associate Producers Jeff Powis + Lukas Lackner
Line Producer Paul Scherzer
China Line Producer Noah Weinzweig
Production Coordinator Sarah Christie
Daily Production Coordinator Kerryn Ciracovitch
China Production Coordinator Maggie Tang
Office Manager Christine Hobson
Production Assistants Ryan J. Noth
Brooke Hanson
Ted Hobson
Production Accountant Stephen Paniccia
Location Sound Recordist Sanjay Mehta
Camera Assistant John Price
California Aerial Cinematography Noah Weinzweig
Brooklyn Museum Cinematography Nick de Pencier
Assistant Editor Avril Jacobson
Daily Assistant Editors Cort Bremner
Joseph Doane
Research Assistant Chelsea McMullan
Titles Malcolm Brown
Translators Lanny Dong Zhi Ying
Longyu Tong
Luo Li
Motion Designer Stephanie Dudley
Dialogue Editor Jane Tattersall
Supervising Sound Editor David Rose
Re-Recording Mixer Lou Solakofski
Film + Video Post Facility Technicolor Creative Services
Audio Post Facility Tattersall Sound And Picture
Office of Edward Burtynsky:
China Shoot Producer Noah Weinzweig
Production Manager Marcus Schubert
Wish Evolver, TED Prize Anna Withrow
Arts Administrator Karen Machtinger
General Manager, Toronto Images Works Jeannie Baxter
Special Thanks Nicholas Metivier
Louise MacCallum
Michael Barnstijn
David Wharnsby
Thank You Jim Allodi
Hussain Amarshi
The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Information Department
Chris Anderson
Kemp Archibald
Elvina Baichwal
Naomi Boxer
Brooklyn Art Museum
J. Ian Burchett, Embassy of Canada in China
Grace Carnale-Davis
Yaqin Chen
Chris Donaldson
Lianming Dong
Atom Egoyan
Linda Fong
Valerie Hall
Richard Hughes
Shi Ke
Kim Kerridge, Greenpeace
Robert Koch
Marilyn Kushner
Julia Liewald
John Liu
Zengyue Liu
River Lu
Sheena Macdonald
Anne Mackenzie
Qili Port Authority
ROJAM Entertainment Limited
Hua Rong, Shanghai Locations
John Rowley
Marcus Schubert
Lou Solakofski
TED Conferences LLC
The Three Gorges Dam Authority
Urban Development Center, Shanghai
Li Wang
Qi Wang
Jennifer Weiss
Sally Williams
Junfen Ye
Ling Zhang + family
Zhejiang Sentai Electrical Apparatus Factory
Wenlong Zhu
For Edward Burtynsky David Buckley
Charles Cowles
Dan Ebert
Daniel Everett
David Gibbs
Didar Khokan
Isabelle Martinez
Jim Panou
Rose Sheler
All the staff at Toronto Image Works
For Jeff Powis the Powis family
Sebastian Cluer
David Buckley
Didar Khokan
Ana Lopes
Daniel Weinzweig
Aphrodite Films
Noah Richler
Trisha McCain


Original Music Composed by Dan Driscoll


Assemblies July 1, 2005; First Selection
Performed and Written by Joseph Doane, Peter Mettler + Roland Schlimme
Courtesy of Roland Schlimme

Opiate Of The Masses
Performed and Written by Logreybeam
from: It’s All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism
Courtesy of Type Records

Performed and Written by Julien Neto
from: Le Fumeur de Ciel
Courtesy of Type Records

Performed and Written by Logreybeam
from: It’s All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism
Courtesy of Type Records

Performed and Written by Logreybeam
from: It’s All Just Another Aspect Of Mannerism
Courtesy of Type Records

Two Tone Air / Single Tone Air
Performed and Written by Roland Schlimme
Courtesy of Roland Schlimme

Green Tea
Performed and Written by David Rose
Courtesy of David Rose

Shanghai: Model City
Performed and Written by Roland Schlimme
Courtesy of Roland Schlimme

Performed and Written by Annie Gosfield
from: Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery
Courtesy of Annie Gosfield

Hu lu Si #5
Improvised by Satoru Ito
Courtesy of Grimthorpe Film Inc.

In D
Performed and Written by Acid Mothers Temple
from: In C
Courtesy of Makoto Kawabata

Hollow Ground
Performed by: Assemblies
Composed by: Joseph Doane + Roland Schlimme
Courtesy of Roland Schlimme

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CTF: Licence Fee Program
Telefilm Canada: Equity Investment Program


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