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Let it Come Down:
The Life of Paul Bowles

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Feature Documentary



72 minutes

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Mongrel Media [Can.]

Zeitgeist Films [USA]

Directed by Jennifer Baichwal
Produced by Nick de Pencier + Jennifer Baichwal
Director of Photography Nick de Pencier
Additional Cinematography Jim Allodi
Editor David Wharnsby
Associate Editor Roland Schlimme
Executive Producer Daniel Iron
Readings Tom McCamus

with, in order of appearance
Paul Bowles
William Burroughs
Phillip Ramey
Jonathan Sheffer
Ned Rorem
Gustavo Romero
Marguerite McBey
Joe McPhillips
David Herbert
Mohammed Choukri
Mohammed Mrabet
Allen Ginsberg
Amina Bakalia (Cherifa)

1994 shoot, additional crew:
Producer/Sound Recordist Denise Holloway
Research/Boom Evan Solomon
Music Research Rodney Sharman
Archival Research Benjamin Wilchfort
Title Design Malcolm Brown

Special Thanks:
Anne Mackenzie
Ellen Beatrice Griffin Dunne
Alex Dunne
Sheena MacDonald

This film was made possible with the generous assistance of:
Scalo Publishing for the use of Paul Bowles' photographs
The Harry Ransom Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin
Shift Magazine
Betsy Carey
Gotham Book Mart Inc., NYC
Peter Garland
Phillip Ramey
Head Gear Animation
Black Sparrow Press
Rhombus Media
Estate of Gertrude Stein

Rehearsal footage of "April Fool Baby" used with kind permission of the Eos Orchestra.

Selected footage of Paul Bowles and Ahmed Yacoubi in Hans Richter's 8 X 8: A Chess Sonata In 8 Movements courtesy of Arthouse, Inc. and Ursula Lawder.

Footage of Gertrude Stein from the film Paris Was a Woman, used courtesy of Jezebel Productions.

Footage from The Sheltering Sky used with kind permission of Recorded Picture Company Limited.

Photographs of Paul Bowles listening to phonograph, Paul Bowles smoking, Jane Bowles and Cherifa on the street, Jane Bowles and Cherifa with others and Paul and Jane Bowles with woman at piano by Terence Spencer. Used with permission.

"Music, His Music, Lures Bowles Back" & "A writer and composer returns to his hometown" copyright 1995 by The New York Times. Reprinted by permission.

Reproductions of PLAYBILL (r) used with kind permission of Playbill Incorporated, NYC.

Allen Ginsberg photographs used with kind permission of the Allen Ginsberg Trust.

Photographs by Paul Bowles reprinted from the book Paul Bowles: Photographs, Scalo Verlag AG, Zurich, 1994.

Thank you:
Walid Bitar
Malcolm Blincow
Abdelouahaid Boulaich
Jackie Burroughs
Rudy Buttignol
Tarik Cheb
Hotel Continental
David Craig
Dominick Dunne
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
John Hazen
Judy Jackson
Peter Kirski
Steven Low
Emil Pellicer
Victor Rego
The Rif Hotel
Gore Vidal
Larry Weinstein
Barbara Willis Sweete

Sources of readings in sequential order:
"The Delicate Prey"
"The Frozen Fields"
The Sheltering Sky
Let It Come Down
The Spider's House
Letter to David McDowell, Random House, New York, 1950
"Pages from Cold Point"

Music of Paul Bowles:
Suite for Small Orchestra, performed by the Eos Orchestra, courtesy BMG Classics

The Wind Remains: A Zarzuela based on Federico Garcia Lorca, performed by the EOS Orchestra, courtesy BMG Classics

"April Fool Baby" from Secret Words: A Suite of Six Songs, performed by the Eos Orchestra, courtesy BMG Classics

Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra, performed by the Eos Orchestra, courtesy BMG Classics

Pastorela: First Suite, performed by the Eos Orchestra, courtesy BMG Classics

Excerpts from the Sonatina for piano and from "Tierra Mojada" of the Six Latin American Pieces played by Gustavo Romero  

All Eos selections taken from "The Music of Paul Bowles," BMG Classics 09026-68409-2, performed by The Eos Orchestra, Jonathan Sheffer, Artistic Director. Licensed courtesy of BMG Classics.

Moroccan music:
Aqlal Moqaddem Mohammed ben Salem and ensemble
Reh dial Beni Bouhiya Chikh Hamed ben Hadj Hamadi ben Allal and ensemble
Mouwal Chikha Fatoma ben Kaddour
Rhaitas and Tbola Sadiq ben Mohammed Laghzaoui Morsan and ensemble
Mellaliya Embarek ben Mohammed
Ya Souki Hakim Hazan Isaac Ouanounou and members of the Hevrat Gezekel
Qsida Midh Maallem el Hocein and ensemble

All Moroccan selections taken from The Music of Morocco, recorded and edited by Paul Bowles for the
Library of Congress, 1972

"Welcome Home, Paul Bowles" used courtesy of the Master Musicians of Jajouka

Recitation of The Holy Quran by Surats Yasin & Al-Rhman courtesy of MECAH Quran Recording c 1994  
[tel. 1.800.590.1585]

Produced in co-production with The Banff Centre for the Arts Banff, Alberta, Canada:
Executive Producer, Television and New Media Sara Diamond
Associate Director, Production Jed DeCory
Associate Producer, Television and New Media Joy Barrett
Production Manager Tom Montvila
Online Editor Luke Van Dyk
Sound Editor Paul Herspiegel
Camera Copy Work Craig Lewis

© Requisite Productions 1998