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Let it Come Down:
The Life of Paul Bowles

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Feature Documentary



72 minutes

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Mongrel Media [Can.]

Zeitgeist Films [USA]

The Sheltering Sky (1949)
Let It Come Down (1952)
The Spider's House (1955)
Up Above The World (1966)
Too Far From Home (1991)

Short story collections  
The Delicate Prey (1950)  
A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard (1962)  
The Time of Friendship (1967)  
Pages From Cold Point and other stories (1968)
Things Gone & Things Still Here (1977)  
Midnight Mass and Other Stories (1985)
Call at Corazon and Other Stories (1988)  
Collected Stories 1939-1976  
Unwelcome Words (1988)  
A Thousand days for Mokhtar (1989)

Autobiographical works  
Without Stopping (1972 )
Two Years beside the Strait: Tangier Journal 1987-9 (1989)
[The US version of this is titled Days - Tangier Journal:1987-1989]

In Touch: The Letters of Paul Bowles - edited by Jeffrey Miller (1994)

Non-fiction, Poetry, Travel Essays & other books  
Their Heads Are Green And Their Hands Are Blue (1963)
Points in Time (1982)
Paul Bowles:Photographs Edited by Simon Bischoff (1994)