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Chrisann Hessing is a documentary filmmaker and digital media producer dedicated to storytelling through fresh perspectives and new mediums. She has combined her love of travel and storytelling to produce award-winning short films. She joined the Mercury team in 2016 during the production of Black Code and has continued as a researcher and content creator for the company's current digital media projects.


David Schmidt had his first chance to work for Mercury in 2012 when he acted as key assistant editor on the film Watermark. He has continued to lend his skills as an editor, helping to create Dr. Mike’s health focused web series, concert tour projections for The Tragically Hip and Rheostatics, and the films Black Code and Long Time Running. When he’s not at the office you might find him plodding away at a piano or lacing up at the local hockey rink.


Helen Bucknell has worked at Mercury Films since 2010 helping with all things administrative. She moved to Canada from Australia over 20 years ago, has 2 teenage kids, loves the ocean, and good coffee [and movies].


Chris Niesing joined the Mercury team in 2011, during post-production of Payback. Since then, he has contributed to Mercury projects in a variety of roles, including everything from set construction to camera assist & DMT.


Cathleen Evans has been doing research and production coordination at Mercury since 2015, working on Black Code, Long Time Running and, most recently, the Anthropocene project. Originally from British Columbia, she received her undergraduate in Communications and Cultural Studies from Concordia University in 2016.


Andrew Beach began his journey with Mercury Films in 2016 during the post-production of Black Code. From motion graphics to 360 editing, Andrew has since worked on Long Time Running, and most recently, short VR films for the upcoming Anthropocene project. After hours, Andrew spends his time writing, directing [editing] and producing music videos, and other short-form projects.


Carlie Macfie began working as an assistant editor at Mercury in 2015, during the post-production of Black Code. Since then she has

continued as an assistant editor on the films Long Time Running and Anthropocene. She graduated from York University with a BFA in Film Production in 2016.

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